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Experience / Product / Service Designer. Labels change– at the core I'm a human-centered designer. With a Masters in Communication Design and 10 years experience at digital agencies and in-house product teams, I’ve designed physical and digital experiences, services, and product organizations.

2018 - present
2018 - present

I joined sweetgreen to build its Experience and Product Design capabilities, and to help shape its digital product team. I currently lead a team of 6 Experience & Product designers who are responsible for designing front-of-house, back-of-house, and customers experiences across all touchpoints. We've redesigned the store experience including digital ordering, streamlined pickup, and incoporating storytelling moments; Designed a delivery service, and evolved the design system.

Dollar Shave Club
2015 - 2018
2015 - 2018

Dollar Shave Club built its reputation with an authentic, genuine voice, which gave us agency to do non-conventional things. When I joined DSC they needed an evolved business model to show sustainable growth. As Director Experience Design, I led a team that helped scale the service from shaving subscriptions to original content, non-subscription grooming products, a physical retail experience, and dynamic recurring boxes. I helped create a stickier service while modernizing and simplifying the digital products. Awards included two Webby's, UX Mag Online Retailer of the year, and an Appy.

Second Story
2013 - 2015
2013 - 2015

In Portland and New York I acted as creative lead on digial + physical projects & pitches for retail and cultural institutions, such as Under Armour, Bose, Coca-Cola, Carnival Cruise, Herman Miller, Lincoln Center, and an event to celebrate the world’s larget 4k screen in Times Square. I worked closely with architects, technologists and writers to identify and prove the value of emerging technologies in retail environments. Awards included One Show, IXDA, HOW Design, and W3.

2011 - 2013
2011 - 2013

I cut my teeth at SapientNitro. With several great mentors and the opportunity to work with major brands, including Sony, Verizon, Target, Ferrari, and Levis, among others, I sharpened my ecomm & interactive retail capabilities. Projects varied from strictly navigation UX, to full responsive redesigns, to interactive retail concepts, allowing me to matured into a design leader and seasoned client partner. Awards included Digiday, IAC, and Cannes Cyber Lion.

Evolving a multi-channel ordering app
Beginning with building a native delivery experience, I designed and led domain teams to evolve the already loved sg app in a competitive market. This has entailed new features such as Native Delivery and Outpost; in addition to refining the design system and usability. Work in progress.
Kiosk Ordering + new store format
With the goal of creating a faster, personalized, and more engaging experience, I led service design & product design for an in-store digital ordering journey. It was a meaty combination of physical & digital design for one of the more satisfying projects of my career. And yes, the kiosks are ADA accessible 😜
Digital Menu Boards
I led an initiative to design and test a digital menu system in our stores. Value propositions include dynamic marketing & content opportunities, dayparting the menu, and a streamlined deployment process. I design the menu and initial motion package.
To meet customers where they are we created Outpost, a modular shelf that goes in your office for free delivery at fixed times. I helped define the brand design, how it's presented to customers in the app, and the service design of an outpost order from store to customer.
Digital Pickup Experience
As part of an overall store experience redesign, we implemented 'smart shelves' and a digital pickup board to streamline a painful experience.
Dynamic Home Page
For all the success the sg app & order site has had, the current sweetgreen home page needed to adapt to each customer and bring common actions up the funnel.
The DSC Vending Machine
By melding physical + digital, we brought the same energy and mischieviousness to retail as our traditional & brand touchpoints.  a mysterious experience. Upon approach, the glass is fogged
Membership Model
From a revamped onboarding flow for  personalization, to a new member model of recurring boxes, I helped modernize the DSC service through digital tools.
Original Content
I led a team that connected and designed DSC's content zine on its app and website. With a deep archive and an active editorial team there was a lot of content to organize. We used personalized filtering & favorites to recommend content and products.
Ethnographic Research Study
The experience design + research team executed foundational research to define customer personas & journey maps. We met with 22 members in 3 different cities and developed cross-functional strategies with Marketing & Product.
second story
Carnival Cruise
As a creative lead I helped transform Carnival’s on-board photo business into a playful interactive experience. I worked closely with a lead technologist, creative partner, and architect to define a dynamic program using digital pylons, a 32 ft. wide reactive screen, and tablet kiosks.
Under Armour Interactive Retail
Second Story partnered with Under Armour to design a system of interactive retail components to highlight their integrated health app ecosystem, including map my run & ride. The modular solution worked in their Chicago flagship as well as factory stores.
Times Square Activation
We collaborated with Universal Everything to launch the world's biggest LED screen. We designed an experience that showcased the screen’s size, resolution, and capacity for interactivity for prospective media buyers and more than 400,000 daily passersby.
Coca-Cola CFB Hall of Fame
In collaboration with Coca-Cola, we wove the brand’s DNA of happiness and sharing into the visitor experience with a pair of interactives that puts fans in the spotlight. The installations are kinetic, quick, and 100% fan-driven fun.
Verizon Wireless
Verizon needed an accessories marketplace tailored to the dynamic lifestyles of its customers. I lead XD to produce a responsive system, overhauled color palatte and best-in-class user experience.
Target Ticket
Target wanted an experience that simplified the way people buy, rent, download, and stream movies and TV shows- but in the uniquely target voice. The challenge was to make this experience simple, visually rich, and tailored for the (target audience) Target Family.
The Ferrari DNA app was concepted and designed to serve as a scalable compliment to live F1 races for VIP guests. To prove the dominance of Ferrari racing over the years and how their racing heritage has influenced the most sought after sports car in the world, we created an engaging, informative experience.
Bed Bath & Beyond In-store Registry
Bed Bath & Beyond needed to simplify and enliven the age-old registry experience. Unreliable customer service and the complexity of deciding which charger goes with a desert plate necessitated a self-service experience that guides the customer intuitively.
Michael Kors Retail Evolution
I was the lead XD on a team tasked with envisioning the future of the Michael Kors retail experience. We defined both the customer and the associate journey through a shopping experience, and developed opportunities to design and develop in-store & omni-channel systems. Through a service design methodology that included stakeholder and customer interviews, store visits, technology audits, and journey mapping, we arrived at executable concepts to pilot.